Rosin Heads – Hash Rosin Pistachio Truffle – White Chocolate – Hybrid – 1 Pack


White Chocolate Pistachio Truffle White. Infused with 10 mg of hash rosin.

Product Information

Perfectly tempered white chocolate shells surround a rich, creamy and seriously decadent pistachio filing. Made with real pistachio paste for a true authentic flavour. Slightly sweet with an earthy nutty flavour, this is adult chocolate at its finest expression. Each piece is infused with 10mg of strain specific hash rosin (73-159 micron), because let’s face it, hash rosin makes cannabis better. Packaged in a protective pop top container to ensure the product arrives in pristine condition for your enjoyment. Rosin heads believes that edibles should be as balanced as the cannabis plant itself. That is why our chocolates are more than a delivery system. We provide consumers with a truly indulgent and fulfilling experience in both flavour and effect. 73-159 micron strain specific live rosin provides a robust effect from the terpene profile and minor cannabinoids for a true to the cultivar experience.


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Rosin Heads


Bisabolol, Farnasene, Humulene, Limonene

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