Color Cannabis – Sour Grapefruit Haze – 3.5g


Color’s Grapefruit Sour Haze is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid with high THC potency and a distinct sour taste.

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Product Information

Color’s Grapefruit Sour Haze is a potent and flavourful sativa-dominant hybrid with a distinct sour taste and aroma. This strain is a cross between Amnesia Haze x Dead Head OG with high levels of THC for a truly potent experience. Each package of Grapefruit Sour Haze whole flower is carefully packed, ensuring optimal freshness and flavour in every sesh. Color products are dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge cultivation techniques and meticulous trimming to guarantee a premium product. Our elevated growing practices, including full temperature and humidity control, hang-drying and hand-finished trim guarantee a consistent and enjoyable smoking experience. The natural terpenes in Grapefruit Sour Haze give off a complex blend of flavours and aromas, with notes of citrus, diesel and spice. Color’s Grapefruit Sour Haze is sure to provide a unique and elevated experience. Try Color’s Grapefruit Sour Haze whole flower today and discover the difference in quality and flavour.

THC information updated on Feb 29th.

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