Artiznl – Valencia – Sativa – 3.5g


Valencia is a fresh take on a classic sativa strain. The flavour is distinctly citrus, reminiscent of a fresh-squeezed glass of Valencia orange juice.

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Product Information

Valencia leans heavily towards its sativa origins – in both appearance and effect. This cut is sweet and pungent, true to its Tangie lineage, and was curated by our Master Grower for its bag appeal, flavour, and high terpene content

Owen, Artisanal’s Master Grower, hand-picked this Sour Tangie phenotype and immediately knew he found a keeper. He’s cultivated it with careful intent ever since in order to preserve the genetic integrity and stabilize its key features, but most importantly, to serve as a reminder to the market of what a classic, well-balanced sativa strain should look, smell, and smoke like.

Artisanal is a next generation, grower-centric cannabis company with a proven track record of cultivating exceptional cannabis in the legacy market, small craft-style grows, and large licensed facilities. We’ve partnered with licensed producer Abba Medix, and we cultivate our premium genetics within the Abba Medix facility.

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