Bargain Brand – Fruity & Hazy Sativa – 7g


Great cannabis, better price. Rotating single strain. Variable bud size. White ash. Fruit and hazy aroma profile. Flat bottom bag. Sativa.

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Product Information

Bargain Brand Fruity and Hazy sativa. Our team has searched from coast-to-coast to bring you great quality flower at an even better price. Our Bargain Brand Fruity and Hazy sativa features a rotating single strain sativa with the fruity and/or hazy flavours a big sativa should deliver. A bargain is something you really want at a great price. Bargain Brand Fruity and Hazy sativa has a natural fruity and hazy aroma and flavour profile. Variable bud size, with a focus on colour and humidity. Clean burning with a white ash. Convenient, resealable flat bottom bag. Bargain Brand Fruity and Hazy Sativa offers no frills and no hype, just great quality flower at a great price.

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