F1NE – Ash Premium – Hybrid – 3.5g


A limited batch of top colas manicured them by hand. Each bud is meticulously cared for to ensure cannabinoids, terpenes, shape and colours.

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Product Information

Two growers, F1NE and Ash, work together to combine the best practices from legacy and legal realms to bring you the F1nest quality cannabis grown in Ontario. The F1NE Ash line is a rotating strain selection that allows you to try all of the amazing strains we are working on in our Hidden Herbs nursery. Something we love is the variety, consistency and quality of skilled grower’s garden. You’ll only find beautifully curated, hand-selected, top cola flower in the bag, all with exceptionally potent hybrid genetics. These are small batch runs with a maximum of 5000 packs per strain release. All F1NE Ash Premium product is craft grown, hand tended, hand watered, hung dried and cured and always hand-trimmed for the best expression of our cultivars.

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