Lava Grease Milled – Lava Grease – Indica – 7g


The Grease (Lava Cake x Grease Monkey) is a limited release, small batch, exclusive cultivar that was milled after being designated as craft flower.

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Product Information

The Grease is a rare in-house genetic that was bred by Primeau using Lava Cake x Grease Monkey. The Grease milled is ground craft cannabis. The input is only all-flower that is designated using craft cannabis standards. The Grease milled is a unique offering from Primeau for consumers who want craft cannabis in both a more affordable and shredded format. No shake and only high quality flower is milled, which allows for a clean burn and the flower’s true terpene profile to shine through. The Grease is beta-caryophyllene, alpha-humulene and linalool dominant. Produced without the use of pesticides and using coco-coir, this strain has been flushed extensively with water from the Eramosa Aquifer for more than 25 days. All flower used in the milling process is strain specific, full spectrum and has been hung dry and hand trimmed.

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