LOT420 – Atomic Apples – Hybrid – 3.5g


Atomic Apples is a Indica leaning hybrid, its lineage is a cross between Triangle mint and Apple Fritter its flavours are gas, green apples and creme fraiche with dominant terpenes being limonene, far

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Product Information

Coming at you straight from outer space, Atomic Apple is a cross between Triangle Mint and Apple Fritter. The terps on this one are truly out of this world, the first whiffs are straight malty apple cider followed a musky fruit punch smell that’s both sweet and sour. Hints of cheese, spice and citrus can also be detected. The taste is reminiscent of a tart apple candy with a smooth vanilla finish. The beautiful bud structure makes it look like an asteroid, and like the rest of the fam, it’s got a heavenly dusting of trichomes. This potent hybrid boasts the ideal combination of effects, managing to “energize” the mind while relaxing the body. The perfect daytime smoke to breeze through the day in a relaxed way.

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