LOT420 – Orange Cake – Indica – 3.5g


Orange cake is a cross between mimosa and orangade. It is a sedative indica dominant hybrid, producing piney, zesty and caramelized flavors with dominant terpenes of mycerene, limonene and pinene.

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Product Information

Orange cake, OC for short, is your new favorite indica leaning hybrid. A product of crossing California Orange, Mimosa and Orangeade, this strain stands out with it’s very unique combination of terps creating a complex smell and taste. It’s naturally occurring terpenes emit citrusy and sweet aromas with rich zesty, creamy and earthy flavours. Our phenotype produces dense green and purple buds glistening with frosty trichomes. May produce a sedative feeling and impart a sense of calmness, get ready to be blissed out.

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