LYOPURE – LYOPURE – Hybrid – 7g


An exceptional range of cannabis cultivated with a blend of passion and expertise aimed at satisfying the most discerning connoisseurs.

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Product Information

Cannabis enthusiasts who seek high quality flowers will find great satisfaction in indulging in Lyopure™ products. Made using the finest outdoor sun grown cannabis, our innovative Lyocan™ low-temperature sublimation process effectively prevents the growth of bacteria and other microscopic entities that can lead to mould and other unwanted substances during the drying process. Lyopure™ flower is perfectly milled and colourful, composed of perfectly preserved terpenes that enhance the aroma and flavour. Lyopure™ is recognized as a very high-quality cannabis due to its exceptional composition, which is further highlighted by its larger volume in comparison to traditional drying methods. Moreover, Lyopure™ maintains the colour spectrum present in fresh cannabis flowers before the drying process. This attention to detail cultivates brand loyalty and ensures that Lyopure™ remains the preferred choice for discerning cannabis consumers who value an unparalleled quality and superior experience.

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