Next Friday – Research Institute – Hybrid – 7g


NFRI features unique cultivars hunted in-house through years of research and development. This collection features high potency genetics with unique terpene and flavonoid profiles.

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Brought to you through years of scouring the North American legacy market, now housed in our onsite tissue culture lab. Next Friday’s going to bring exclusive and quality cultivars to market through Next Friday Research Institute. NFRI is dedicated to bringing one-of-a-kind cultivars to market, pushing boundaries in the cultivation space and continuing to bring the consumer a full spectrum experience. We have found consumers want the options that a rotating SKU can offer but don’t like the fact that most rotating SKUs are being procured from different producers and facility types with varying grow methods. Our master growers love what they do and only the best phenotypes will be selected. Always grown, cured, packaged and shipped by the Next Friday team. We reserve the absolute best of our genetic stock for NFRI. The first cultivar being offered is our Mutant Tire Fire (GMO x Sherb Crasher). This cultivar was bred by SeedJunky Genetics and is a funky gas heavyweight.

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