Ontario Micro Growers – Rick Simpson’s Cut by Greenwell Compassion – Indica – 3.5g


The Rick Simpson family partnered with OMG to present a rotation of their unique craft strains. Three generations of cannabis growers within the family.

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Product Information

OMG presents Rick Simpson’s select cuts. Three generations of cannabis growers within the Rick Simpson family. Best known for the original RSO (Rick Simpson Oil), the family trade secrets have been passed down from each generation and have been growing under ACMPR as Greenwell Compassion. A rotation of unique and rare strains phenotype hunted by the family. Grown out of Pushlinch, Ontario. Packaged in a reusable pouch that continues the curing process, maintains optimal moisture and locks in the terpenes until it’s opened. Never irradiated, hang dried, hand trimmed, slow cured and hand packaged, the way it’s always been.

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