Qwest – Sour Strawberry x Trophy Wife – Sativa – 3.5g


Sour Strawberry x TW is a celebration of Surfr’s Trophy Wife with Sour Strawberry. It has lime green buds, deep golden pistils and a frosty finish.

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Qwest was born from a deep appreciation for the plant and its process. We are here for the journey every grower undertakes with each new harvest, and we respect that even with the most familiar cultivars there’s always opportunity to go beyond the ordinary. Sour Strawberry x TW is a new and potent celebration of Surfr’s infamous Trophy Wife, cut with Sour Strawberry. It delivers on presentation with lime green buds, deep golden pistils and a frosty finish. Bringing a skunky nose and an exhale full of the fruity aromas of cherry and strawberry, Strawberry Blonde is guaranteed to turn heads.​

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