Tantalus – Coastal Sage – Sativa – 3.5g


Zesty, potent and powerful, Coastal Sage is a unique offering for sativa-hybrid lovers.

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Product Information

Coastal Sage from Tantalus Labs is a unique sativa dominant hybrid with a rich lineage. A cross of Zeta (OG Kush x S.A.G.E.) and Sour Diesel, bred by the illustrious Mojave Richmond. Coastal Sage grows tall, producing large resinous buds usually expected from a broad-leaf Kush. Once hang-dried and cured, these buds reveal hues of earthy green and gold. This terpinolene-dominant cultivar expresses lush flavours of lime and fuel with undertones of sandalwood and sage. It is a cultivar that perfectly balances its hybridized traits much like its parent, Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium (S.A.G.E). Coastal Sage offers a unique experience for consumer excited by potent, powerful and zesty sativas.

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